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                                  NEWS  NEWS




                                                 The 'American Cajun, Blues & Zydeco Festival' 

                                           will be on tour from October 22nd - November 4th 2018



The festival is very pleased to announce 'Ruben Moreno & Dwight Carrier Zydeco Soul' to perform at the 2018 edition

They will perform with bassplayer Joseph Whitfield and Drummer Albert Stewart. Welcome.

The short notice change had to be done because Dwayne Dopsie suddenly wanted more than double the fee which was agreed to. The festival couldn't accept that and Mr. Dopsie cancelled all gigs in Europe.

And Roddie Romero will be back. His performance with Yvette Landry and Beau Thomas in 2017 was so succesful that he'll return as 'Roddie Romero feat. Lee Allen Zeno and Jermaine Prejean'. Lee Allen Zeno is the famed bassplayer for Buckwheat Zydeco and Jermaine Prejean is Roddie's drummer in the 'Hub City All Stars'. Roddie is a three times Grammy Nominee. And Blues á Bébé is a tribute from well known Cajunfiddler Johannes Epremian to his Louisiana Cajunfiddler heroes Dewey Balfay, Canray Fontenot and Dennis McGhee.



   Ruben Moreno                     Dwight Carrier                                     Roddie Romero





Since 2001 the festival is on the road and 2018 it will tour throughout Germany to bring authentic music from Louisiana to the fans and friends of Cajun, Blues and Zydeco. The festival honors these particular genres from Louisiana with artists from USA and Europe.

Over the last few years a new sound has been gaining momentum here in Europe. More and more bands have been visiting these shores bringing a new sound from over the atlantic ocean. This music is using familiar instruments like guitars, accordions and fiddles played in a way that is fresh and vibrant. Its home is in swamps and prairies of Southwest Louisiana but bands from over the seas are finding a warm welcome in clubs and festivals 3000 miles away from their roots. The music isn’t new of course, its traditions are centuries old but to many people here in Europe it comes like a breath of fresh air. With its driving beat, hearfelt emotions, and trance like melodies it strikes a chord with 21st century ears.

Dozens of artists from Europe and USA have been performing at the annual American Cajun Blues & Zydeco Festival:
Magnolia Sisters, Lil Buck Sinegal, Steve Riley & Racines Trio, T'Monde, Jeffery Broussard, Cedric Watson, Leon Chavis, Corey Ledet, Bobby Michot, Randy Vidrine, Mitch Reed, Cajun Roosters, Downtown Cajun Band, River Zydeco Band, Blue Bayou, Pain d’Mais, Mousse Espagnole, Zydecomotion, Zyderythmics, Cajun Pioneers, Des Fais Do-Do, ZigaZag, Zydeco Alligators, Zydeco Fever, Ludwig Seuss Band, Cajun Company, Breaux, Lil Jim and Deepzone Zydeco, Pete Contino Band, Sarah Savoy and The Francadians, ZydeGoNutz, Lafayette Rhythm Devils, Mama Rosin, Lynn August, Brother Dege and Buddy Flett, Papa Mali Bluesconnection, Yvette Landry & Friends.





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